Why Branding Matters

Why Branding Matters

Every successful company has a strong, memorable brand and delivers their message consistently across all their assets and marketing. Consider businesses such as Apple, Google, Facebook, Ford and McDonalds. Every one of these companies has a logo recognisable the world over. From colour themes to fonts, their content is always consistent. Beyond visuals, the messaging and language used by these companies is a powerful extension of their brand and becomes part of their business image. Whether you are starting up a new company or considering a rebrand of an existing business, here’s why branding matters:

People are Visual
Show anyone, almost anywhere in the world, a silver apple with a perfect bite missing from the upper right hand side and a leaf crowning the simplistic image, and people will know the brand name. Show someone a yellow curved M and they’ll start thinking about a Big Mac. Great brands are synonymous with their logos and can be recognised instantly, even out of context. A logo should visually represent your brand and be consistent in terms of colours, spelling and design across all assets.

Stand Out From The Crowd
The key to business success is to showcase your point of difference from your competitors. Not only does this mean having a different logo to everyone else in your industry, but you should also encompass your unique selling point into your messaging. Your company needs to develop a tone for its messaging, from delivering funny and funky entertaining content, to serious and applicable knowledge or advice based content. Make sure your content stands out from the crowd with clear, consistent branding.

Deliver Your Message Everywhere
It is important to spend time developing your branding so that it may be consistently implemented across all assets of your company. From your company website and social media pages to brochures, signage and other printed materials, your message and branding should be clearly identifiable. A level of cohesion should tie together all assets so that each stands alone and yet complements one another.

People will come to learn about your company through a number of different mediums. Whether they first discover you through a Google search, an advert on Facebook, a radio ad, a billboard or a brochure, the messaging and branding of your company should be just as strong regardless of the source.

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