How A Brand Consultant Could Transform Your Business

How A Brand Consultant Could Transform Your Business

Throughout my years in the business world, I’ve worked with many different types of company owners. Everyone has something in common: an idea, product or service they believe in. Of course, we all know that this is the most important asset when it comes to establishing your new business. But the next stage is developing a brand, a marketing plan, and an ongoing strategy, which not only embodies your unique selling points, but will make your company stand out in your field and drive you to business success.

Developing a Brand
Brand development is one of the first steps every new business needs to take, from choosing the perfect name, to creating a logo, to crafting a tagline. This task is not for the fainthearted and takes an element of creativity. Maureen Barten Consulting understand that not every new business owner has a flair for design but that doesn’t mean your company can go without. A brand consultant will meet with you, get to know your products and services, understand your vision and aims, before designing and creating your new brand.

Developing a Plan
Once you have your brand, you can develop a plan to implement this new identity. Your brand should be consistent across all assets, both digital and physical. This includes your logo design, your colour pallet and any signature images, as well as your fundamental business messages and communication styles. By establishing the key messaging and ‘tone’ to your communication, you will be sure to implement a consistent brand voice across all assets, alongside your newly designed logos.

Developing a Customer Base
Once you have your brand and have built and branded all marketing materials, such as your website, social media pages, brochures, and business cards, it’s time to connect with your customers. A brand consultant can work with you to reach your identified target audience through a range of branded advertisement techniques, both paid and free. Although this is a ‘marketing’ task, brand consistency is key and therefore a brand consultant should be involved in this process. Particularly for new products and businesses, it is important that you are effectively branding all of your marketing as a way to establish yourself and increase your recognisability. This is the first step towards creating a customer base.

To find out more about how a brand consultant could transform your business, contact Maureen Barten Consulting today.

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