Turning Communication Into Cash

Turning Communication Into Cash

Let’s assume you know the value of your product or services. You must believe in your business idea otherwise you wouldn’t have started your own company, right? The most important task for the marketing of any business is communicating its value to customers. After all, once these people recognise the value, they’ll invest. Therefore, developing clear, powerful and persuasive Key Messages about your company, will deliver the most tangible results of all: sales.

Every element of your business branding should be communicating something of value. Each element should be strong enough to stand alone, as well as complement one another as part of a cohesive mosaic of business communication.

Clear Communication
We all like clever wordplay but if these tricks are going to confuse your audience or go over their heads, it’s better to keep things simple. Clarity is key when it comes to communicating your company message. Ensure to use:

  • Short sentences
  • No jargon
  • Truthful statements
  • Dot-points to highlight the most important elements.

When faced with long, dense text, most of us are put off and either skim the content or skip it all together. The same is true for product demonstration videos. Snippets which are thirty seconds long are more likely to be watched from beginning to end, rather than a thirty minute explanation. Make your messages accessible using shorter communication styles. Less is more!

Consistent Communication
Whether you have one, two or three Unique Selling Points, make sure you reinforce them with consistent communication. All assets, both digital and physical, must showcase why interested customers should choose you over your competitors.

In addition to consistent content styles, as your marketing develops, it is important to have a consistent brand voice. The way you communicate will become the voice or tone of your company. There is no right or wrong tone and it depends on your industry as to which is appropriate. Some companies whose audiences are younger will focus on funny, cheeky content while businesses specialising in more serious services may opt for a more service/product appropriate brand tone. Whatever tone you choose, be consistent.

Current Communication
From sending out a tweet, to updating your website, to writing a press release, to printing an annual report, it is important to keep your communication current. Businesses who rarely communicate with their customers nor make attempts to reach their clients, will find themselves struggling not only to grow, but maintain their existing customer base.

With so many different ways to communicate these days, we know it can be hard to choose. But variety offers unlimited opportunities when it comes to connecting with your target audience and sharing your news. It is vital to consistently communicate important events and changes within your company to your customers.

To find out more about how a brand consultant could transform your business, contact Maureen Barten Consulting today.

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