Key Messaging

Key Messaging

Key Messaging is the concise, descriptive, moving language that provides your target audience with a consistent narrative, articulating what your business is all about. Below are our top five tips to ensure your Key Messages stand out from the crowd.

1. Question, Question, Question
Is it believable?  Is it positive?  Is it purposeful?  Is it repeatable?  Can anyone say it?  Is it easy to understand from EVERYONE’s perspective?

2. KISS: Keep It Simple Silly
Remember your key messages should be CONCISE and SPECIFIC.  Make sure you identify the most important core messages you wish to portray when describing your product or service.

3. Descriptive Language
Remember all those adjectives you learned in school? Now is the time to use them! Descriptive language is fundamental to engaging your audience and communicating your essential message.

4. Target and Attack
Consider your target audience. What do your clients want to hear from you? Customise your language to engage with your specific audience.

5. Review and Refresh
Key Messages are not static. Everything changes over time so reviewing your Key Messages regularly is vital in making sure they are still relevant and match your business development objectives.

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